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A Letter from The President

Hello PST Neighbors!
Thank you all for another great summer! As we wrap up the year and prepare for our upcoming Annual Meeting, there is an important topic that we as a Board feel needs to be addressed: Our lake events! The purpose of these events is to bring our community closer together, as well as raise money for upcoming events. In order to effectively maintain the number of events we do each year, we will need more help from the community moving forward.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the community as many fun events without volunteers to help organize and run them. Our upcoming Annual Meeting is a great place to get involved, so please consider attending! We understand that everyone has very busy schedules with family, work, etc., as do all of the Board Members, but most of these events take little time to plan/coordinate. Without help we will unfortunately have to begin eliminating some of our events.
The Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday November 7th at 7pm, at the Fenton Township Hall located at: 12060 Mantawauka Dr., Fenton, in the upstairs room to the left.

We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you,
Jason Warda, PST President

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This is a letter from Progressive AE, Our Lake weed management company:

My coworker, Paul, and I feel that due to poor responsiveness and marginal efficacy of treatments, we recommend that the Lake Ponemah herbicide application contract with Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control Inc. be terminated. The first treatment occurred well outside of the requested treatment timeframe as Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control (ANPC) had been notified of my May 14 survey on May 11, requesting that treatment occur the week of May 21st. My treatment map was sent to ANPC on May 15. They did not complete the herbicide application until June 5, 3 weeks after receiving the treatment map and after the Memorial Day holiday weekend. This response time is unacceptable.

As the project was bid last year, the board has the option to hire the second-low bidder, PLM Lake and Land Management. We have spoken to PLM and they are agreeable to honoring their 2018 bid prices.

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2 months ago

Found in liberty shores sub chipped but no info ...

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